Hello! I'm Jared, a food writer, researcher, & cheesemonger.

You can get in touch with me @jaredography on Twitter or Instagram or via email at jaredhkaufman @ gmail.com. I currently run the newsletters at Food Tank, attempt to finish my master’s thesis for Boston University’s gastronomy program, and work as a cheesemonger. Articles I’ve written are linked below.

I primarily write about food culture and aim to combine reporting with a critical systems-level approach to food and consumerism. My academic research predominantly focuses on restaurant kids’ menus and the construction of childhood taste, and I’ve presented it at the Association for the Study of Food and Society’s annual conference and the Tufts University Future of Food and Nutrition Conference. Formerly, as a research and writing fellow at Food Tank, I explored how food waste is quantified, prevented, and upcycled across the food system.

Magazine features I wrote have won the Best Writing on Food award in the student division from the Association of Food Journalists in both 2018 and 2019 (this story also earned a nod from the Missouri Press Association), and a deeply reported article of mine shared a first-place win for best local business coverage from the Missouri Press Association in 2017. I graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism in 2018. Although I haven’t followed my elementary-school dream of becoming a cake decorator (yet!), I once dressed up as Emeril Lagasse for Halloween, so that’s gotta count for something, right?

Four stories I’m most proud of:

  1. Columbia’s hidden figure: Verna Laboy brings Annie Fisher to life,” Vox Magazine, 2017 [feature on beaten biscuits, race, and how people get erased — the magazine’s cover story. View it in print here. This story won the best student writing on food award from the Association of Food Journalists in 2018.]
  2. The St. Paul-based inventor of Go-Gurt tells the dramatic story of his totally tubular idea,” City Pages, 2018 [this link goes to a PDF; pour one out for City Pages]
  3. Don’t expect Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina, at the Hub on Causeway, to take you to Flavortown,” Boston.com, 2020
  4. Angling for Catfishing’s Future,” Vox Magazine, 2018 [feature on Missouri River tournament catfishing and the tensions surrounding eating what you catch. In 2019, this story won both the best student writing on food award from the Association of Food Journalists and a second-place prize for best story about the outdoors from the Missouri Press Association.]

My work: (in roughly reverse chronological order)

(or see: food writing | health care/news reporting | audio/podcast work)

For Racket: On the Minnesota cheesemonger competing at the wacky national Cheesemonger Invitational tournament

For Boston.com: On why Guy Fieri’s new Mexican restaurant in Boston is so disappointing; on how restaurant staff are responding to the statewide dine-in ban amid the COVID-19 pandemic; on messages in restaurant windows responding to COVID-19 (with photos)

For Eater: On the kitchen hardware you need to serve a killer cheese board, according to cheesemongers

For Food Tank: On the new Regenerative Organic Certified standard; on the need for community-based seed diversity during the COVID-19 pandemic [co-written with Gary Paul Nabhan]; on the social enterprise working to equip leaders to meet UN sustainability goals; on the Minneapolis winery that makes cider from apples they pick from your front yard; on Food Network chef Justin Warner’s perspectives on the food system

For City Pages: On offering the inventor of Go-Gurt a tube of Go-Gurt (and hearing the story of how he created it) [link is a PDF]

For Extra Crispy: On the classic Danish dessert (and mindbending tongue-twister) rødgrød med fløde; on the poorly-named first successful gelatin dessert powder Bromangelon

For Roads & Kingdoms: On sfenj, the Moroccan breakfast doughnut that nearly became a Jewish Hanukkah staple

For Vox Magazine: On mid-Missouri catfishing culture and the debate between catch-and-release and catch-for-dinner; on the early 20th-century black chef Annie Fisher and her erasure from (and revival in) local history; on the artistry of plating; on a medical professor’s views on discrimination faced by Native American patients

For Plateselector: On Restaurante Last Monkey, an Asian-fusion joint in Barcelona [article in Spanish]

For the Columbia Missourian: On the barriers transgender people face when seeking health care; on the challenges posed to pharmacists by Missouri’s lack of a prescription drug monitoring database

For MOVE Magazine: On a new late-night pizza-delivery window at a popular local slice shop; on the linguistic differences between “donut” and “doughnut”

For The Tower Magazine: On the virtues of Amba, an Iraqi-Israeli spicy mango condiment 

For the Boston Globe opinion section: On the benefits of bookstores at memorial sites

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