Food Scholarship

My research focuses primarily on kids’ menus and the way the category of children’s food is constructed (by kids and adults) and is used as a social tool. 

At the 2019 Future of Food and Nutrition Conference, sponsored by the Friedman School of Nutrition and Policy at Tufts University, I presented a poster called “‘Dumb it Down for Kids’: How Restaurants in the Greater Boston Area Use Kids’ Menus to Construct Childhood Taste.” My poster, which allowed attendees to interact with and interrogate the language of kids’ dining with a selection of paper menus, won the audience-vote “best poster” award at the conference.

View a higher-resolution pdf of the poster here.


Chalkboard Art

In addition to my work as a cheesemonger and coffee buyer at American Provisions, a specialty store in South Boston, I’m also responsible for the chalkboard art around the store. My specialty is colorful, punny, hand-lettered announcements.

Want me to do specials boards, menus, or announcements at your shop? Email me at jaredhkaufman @!