“Beyond the bathroom debate, transgender people face challenges accessing health care,” June 2016 (longform project)

“Without database, Missouri pharmacists struggle to detect prescription drug abuse,” April 2016 (longform project)

For Columbia music lovers, Prince leaves inspiring legacy,” April 2016 (community take on breaking news)

Zero assistant physician licenses issued in Missouri after two years,” March 2016 (investigative story)

Investigative target of ‘Tickled’ documentary isn’t laughing; he’s suing,” March 2016 (breaking local entertainment news)

Performers bring laughs, smooth moves to Black History Month talent show,” February 2016 (event coverage)

Staff page — full list of work samples (breaking news, event coverage, projects)

At Unbound Book Festival, Salman Rushdie blends truth and fiction,” April 2017 (event coverage)

Infusion to begin offering Kaldi’s coffee in January,” December 2015 (campus news)

“Concerned Student 1950 affects would-be students,” November 2015 (analytical story in wake of Mizzou campus protests)

Second campus Starbucks location to open in Dobbs replacement in fall 2017,” October 2015 (campus news)

CDS Executive Chef Eric Cartwright focuses on creative scratch cooking,” May 2015 (profile feature)

“Marni Gable explores and ‘invents’ own ancestry for MFA show,” April 2015 (profile feature)

Staff page — full list of work samples (campus news, features/ projects, analysis & explanation)

Letter to the Editor“At memorial sites, bookstores are essential, not ‘insensitive,’” May 2014


“Q&A: Root Cellar associate unpacks the food box program,” June 2017

A piss-poor guide to the bathrooms of downtown CoMo,” April 2017 (The research process for this piece was a little…crappy)

Inside Pizza Tree’s new late-night pizza delivery window,” September 2016 (I spent time behind the scenes to learn about a local pizza shop’s new nighttime service)

MOVE Gift Guide: Passive-aggressive gifts for all your ‘friends,’” December 2015 (A guide to finding the best gifts for the worst people)

“Filling holes in the ‘doughnut’ vs. ‘donut’  debate,” September 2015 (tongue-in-cheek linguistic analysis)

“Pizza Tree > Shakespeare’s: A Shakespearean sonnet,”September 2015 (How better to express my dislike for a local restaurant called Shakespeare’s Pizza than a Shakespearean sonnet?)

“On the Virtues of Amba: It’s the most important Israeli condiment you’ve never heard of. And it’s made from mangos,” August 2015 (longform food feature)


I was a co-host of a weekly campus news podcast, “The Mizzou View.” Each week, I helped write the episode, delivered headlines, and conducted an interview to dive deeper into a news story from the week. Listen to our episodes here.

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